Investment VALUES

At Ciconia we always aim to add value


We work with a network of trusted partners across the UK. These partners are local experts and source and (project) manage our investments, which allows us to leverage our time with their knowledge so we can work on several projects simultaneously.


There is a significant flow of deals in the UK, allowing us to pick the right investments at the right time. Acquisitions can be done without physical travel to the UK. Also, house prices remain relatively low in some areas, allowing easy market access. At the same time this allows us to diversify our portfolio, lowering risk.


There is a shortage of affordable homes, both sale or rental, in the UK. Research shows that each year more houses are needed than are actually built, increasing the deficit. At Ciconia we help by adding new houses to the total property stock.


Both rent and house prices typically increase over time. This is the power of compound interest and the most powerful aspect of investing in property. Historically, as seen in the last 150 years, house prices double in value every 10 to 15 years.


Our journey started in the spring of 2018, when we purchased our first two projects in the UK as remote investors from the Netherlands. Almost all of our projects require significant refurbishment, creating high quality homes and adding significant value at the same time.

Our team works with our trusted partners in the UK. They enable us to run several projects in parallel, venture into different regions, grow our business and explore new business models.

Our focus is residential development projects in England and Wales and to operate a buy to let portfolio. We are also active in the hospitality sector with serviced accommodation.



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