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We are passionate about the United Kingdom (UK) and its property investment options, and so should you! If you want to fund our current projects with great returns, you have come to the right place.

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Our journey in the UK started in the spring of 2018, when we purchased our first two projects as remote investors from the Netherlands. From a few small houses or apartments we went to apartment blocks, residential development projects, operation of a buy-to-let portfolio and serviced accommodation.

Almost all of our projects require significant renovation and/or redesign. This enables us to create high-quality homes that are fit for the future while adding significant value at the same time.

Our team works with our trusted partners in the UK and operates in several different regions.

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Want to fund us with great returns?

The UK is excellent for property investing, enabling several different strategies that historically yield good results. With our current property portfolio we have over £6,000,000 worth of assets under management, plus an active rent-to-rent serviced accommodation portfolio. Would you like to invest with us? 

Depending on your risk profile, the investment term and the project scenario, we can offer several strategies:

- Guaranteed fixed returns from 6% per annum; or

- Variable returns with a profit split ranging from 0 to 20+% per annum; or

- Certificates of a SPV company for high-reward development projects; or

- Contact us your about your bespoke investment preferences.

Investing with us is possible from £20,000 of invested funds.

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