About Ciconia Group

Ciconia Group is dedicated to introducing sustainable housing solutions to the competitive British property market, addressing the challenges of an overheated sector through transformative refurbishments and innovative new construction projects across England and Wales. Our mission is centered on enriching society by delivering premium, eco-friendly homes that prioritize quality and longevity.

Established in 2018 by Job and Melanie Gutteling, Ciconia Group has evolved from modest beginnings in refurbishing individual houses and apartments to undertaking larger-scale ventures including apartment blocks, residential developments, and the management of a diversified buy-to-let portfolio and serviced accommodations. With a focus on extensive renovation and strategic redesign, we consistently enhance the value of properties while ensuring they meet the demands of modern living.

In addition to our development endeavors, we offer comprehensive real estate consultancy services, drawing upon our established network of trusted partners throughout the UK. These strategic alliances enable us to execute multiple projects concurrently, expand our geographic footprint, foster business growth, and innovate new models within the industry. At Ciconia Group, we are committed to driving positive change in the housing market while empowering individuals and communities through sustainable living solutions.


Job Gutteling


Melanie Gutteling


Job is a visionary strategist driven by a fervent commitment to innovation. After a distinguished 10-year career as a clinical physicist, he made the bold decision to fully immerse himself in real estate development in the UK. His overarching aim is to generate societal value by introducing sustainable new homes to the British market, all while ensuring exceptional returns for both clients and himself.

Melanie embodies a deep passion for real estate entrepreneurship, fueled by her innate ability to forge connections, identify opportunities, and swiftly take decisive action. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering focus on goals, she adeptly balances analytical rigor with a holistic understanding of the broader landscape. As a key partner alongside Job at Ciconia Group, her enthusiasm for real estate entrepreneurship has blossomed alongside her illustrious career as a medical doctor, specializing as a consultant pulmonologist-intensivist.

Grounded in their respective backgrounds as a medical doctor and an engineer, Job and Melanie are steadfast advocates for quality and transparency in all their endeavors. Their shared ethos is simple yet powerful: “It must be nothing short of excellent.”

Ciconia: Our Team

Koen Besemer

Business Developer
I work as a Business Developer and am responsible for process development. Additionally, I fulfill the constant demand for new projects. Since a young age, I have been involved with various investment products and am very excited to be part of this.

Elias Youssef


Marieke van Haastrecht

Executive Assistant
With great pleasure and dedication, I support processes for starting a UK real estate portfolio. In doing so, I have an affinity for organizing, commercial thinking, communication, finance, and administration.

Wessel Smolders

Website Developer

Freek van Litsenburg

Manager of Strategy & Sales


Site visiter
My goal is to build something for myself. That's why I've been active in real estate since 2020. I always knew this would be a good way to generate passive income. Since 2023, I've been affiliated with Ciconia, where I specialize in site visiting. I enjoy immersing myself in the world of entrepreneurship and the economy.

UK Partners

We have built a network of trusted partners in the United Kingdom. These partners enable us to undertake various projects simultaneously, operate in different regions, expand our business, and explore new business models. Transitioning from a few small houses or apartments, we have moved on to apartment complexes, residential development projects, managing a portfolio of owner-occupied homes, and furnished accommodations. Almost all of our projects require significant renovation and/or redesign. This allows us to create high-quality homes that are future-ready while adding substantial value at the same time.