Caddick Building, Blaenavon


Conversion project


3x 3 bedroom appartments


Blaenavon, Wales


Est. 22% Gross Profit

Project information

A former workshop, office, and storage space in the historic town of Blaenavon, Wales. Situated opposite the former ironworks and near the Big Pit Coal Museum. After obtaining the necessary permits, permission has been granted to convert the spacious property into three three-bedroom homes.

Commencement and Completion Date

Purchased in December 2020, we received full planning permission in September 2021. Currently, the property is undergoing renovation.

Conversion project

Renovating properties is a smart investment move. It increases property value, attracts better tenants or buyers, and aligns with market trends. Conversion projects offer flexibility and promote sustainability through the reuse of existing structures. Overall, renovating real estate is a lucrative opportunity for investors aiming to maximize returns and contribute to urban renewal.

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